Casino Expansion in British Columbia Approved

Casino in British Columbia gets approval from the local government to expand their venue

The Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited have a casino in British Columbia that they have been seeking approval to expand a bit further. After approval from local officials in Vancouver, it looks like they will be allowed to go through with the proposed expansion. The casino owned by the group is called the Cascades Casino Hotel and Convention Center, which is going to face major renovations resulting from the unanimous vote.

As it sits now, the venue currently is two floors and consists of 23,000 square feet. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring, which will allow for the casino to add in a couple of restaurants as well more gaming floor room which will allow for the casino to place more slot machines and table games in the venue. These plans were reported to the public through the Langley Times newspaper.

The Gateways Casinos and Entertainment Limited operators have revealed how they are going to move forward with their expansion plans. The new part of the venue is going to be added along the southern side, which faces out towards the Fraser Highway that runs behind the casino.

One of the restaurants that they have noted they will be adding will be on the upper floor of the building, which is going to feature upscale steak and seafood for a fancy night out. Along with that, there will be a small chowder facility that will serve as a more casual form of dining for those that just want a quick bite to eat before hitting up the gaming floor again.

Right now there is a Match and a buffet restaurant that will remain in the casino that customers can choose to eat at instead of the new facilities, so loyal customers can feel secure in knowing that their current options aren't going anywhere. The bottom floor of the venue is going to add in some more restrooms and a few other gaming areas scattered around. Perhaps the greatest change that is truly unique is that the casino is going to grow herbs and vegetables in a special event location on the roof, which they will use in their restaurants.

The casino operators are promising that it will give an additional 100 jobs to the local community as a result of the new additions. These jobs will be a mixture of both full time and part time positions. The gaming floor is going to get at least a 10% expansion, but there won't be an immediate addition of tables and slots – but will likely have them added in the future.

The only downside to the expansion is that parking may become a bit more tight since 35 parking spots are being removed to support the new additions. Gateway Casinos says not to worry though, they expect that current parking conditions are going to be plenty for the amount of predicted traffic that the casino will have after renovations.