The Privacy Policy is related to the data that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK would gather. It discusses numerous things related to data that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will gather form users during their stay. These things include the kind of data that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK would gather, how would it gather it, what would it do with it and more.

The first topic, the kind of data that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK would gather. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK might gather personal information that includes but not limited to physical address, email address, phone number, real first name, real last name, cell phone number and credit card information among other data.

The second topic is how will HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK gather this data. It is very essential to point out that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will never gather or collect data without the consent and the approval of the visitor. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will not gather any data unless the visitor provides it on his own free will. Some of this data can be gathered through the registration process where visitors will have to provide some personal info. Other information can be gathered when players opt in for specific promotions or register to the newsletter. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK might also ask for additional information through polls and surveys.

The third topic is what will HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK do with this data. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will use this data in order to provide visitors with suitable services and products but HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will never sell or share these details with any third party.  HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK can only share the data with affiliates and subsidiaries. The only case that HTTP://CASINOAPPS.CO.UK will be obligated to share the personal data of visitors is if a legal authority asks for it.

Visitors can easily change, edit or even delete the personal data that they have provided by accessing their profile or contacting customer support at any given time. They can delete or edit them without giving any reasons.