’s Terms of Service

This document states the Terms of Service of Visitors of must abide and respect these terms during their stay at the website. So by being a part of, you will have to respect and abide by these terms.  Once you open the website and become a part of’s community, you will be obligated to abide by the rules. Also, it contains other terms of the service such's position from cookies, regulations and such. By becoming a part of, you approve of these terms and it is your own responsibility to read them and understand them.

These terms include the following:

1- not condone the usage of cookies to gather any kind of data from the player. On the other hand, is not responsible for the actions and the terms of service of other websites that it links to. Therefore, if these websites use or condone the use of cookies, is not to be held accountable.

2- offers numerous services and content that are offered to visitors for research reasons only.

3- might accept money from certain companies or organizations in exchange of advertisement on the website. It might also take money in order to post certain content like reviews.

4- Each visitor is responsible for reviewing and understanding his own jurisdiction or state law concerning the content that offers. So by entering, you are entering it in your own responsibility and can’t be held accountable by your country’s laws.

5- Visitors are not permitted to upload any kind of content whether text or media files that can be considered as offensive or harmful to other users of

6- Any term in this document can be changed, edited or removed at any time without notifying users and new terms can be added by the same way as well.